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Auto positioning?

Started by visiorookie, July 16, 2008, 11:15:25 AM

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Hi everybody,

I am comming up with a question about some basic stuff I guess (my handle says it all...).
Well, am trying to set an auto positioning for a frame-shape - how can I do this?


You will have to be a little more specific on what you want to do, what the end result should look like.

- Lars


Thanks for the reply.
The end result should be that I pull a shape onto my sheet and then it should jump in a predestinated position.


You could do this with VBA. A shape can use the OnDrop event to call a macro.
Call("Macro") will call the macro and pass along the shape name.

Maybe this topic can help you:


if destination known/fixed....could use setatref(...) functions in pinx, piny.
Something like

      on drop =  setf(getref(user.dropflag),1)
      pinx = if(user.dropflag =1 , setatref(blah blah blah)+setf(getref(user.dropflag),0),)

this approach works for aligning a shape on drop on a given grid (i do it for isometric grids)
though it is somewhat simpler than this.

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