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Diagram Preview

Started by Nikolay, September 09, 2010, 06:04:16 PM

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How do I generate a small diagram "preview" (thumbnail) picture programmatically (you can see those in explorer, for example)?
Supposing I have either a Visio file on disk, or a Visio Document object (not sure which one might be a better starting point)

I can see following options:
- Grab thumbnail data from explorer using some shell api (which one?)
- Export drawing to some manageable vector format, then resize (which format? wmf/emf? how to preserve background?)

As a result, I want a fixed-size bitmap (say, 64x64)
Thanks in advance!


Check out
in the help.

I don't understand everything they say there, but it seems to be sth. with emf file.
Maybe you can make more sense of what is said there.


Thanks! I'll definitely give it a try.


I use something like this in my vba code

docCopy.SavePreviewMode = visSavePreviewDraft1st
docCopy.SaveAsEx strCopy, visSaveAsWS



Thanks al, but doesn't this code save document with preview picture?
I don't actually need to save document with preview picture; I need the document preview picture itself ;)

It seems that Document.PreviewPicture did the trick pretty well, and the only thing left to me were the boring technical details:

IPicture pic = (IPicture)doc.PreviewPicture;
Image img = new Metafile((IntPtr)pic.Handle, true);


Your solution is valuable to me, too.
Thank you.
Best Regards,

Junichi Yoda


sorry about that! I obviously misunderstood what you were attempting to do  :(

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