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Cursor on a Document Saved as HTML

Started by Steve Lyons, July 13, 2008, 01:02:31 PM

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Steve Lyons

Can anyone tell me how I can set up a cursor when a user hovers over a Visio shape published to a web server?  I know that I can set a popup using a tip from, but the cursor does not change, and this can confuse rooky users.

Many thanks


You could consider changing the created html file later on... I don't knot how to do this in Visio.
In HTML though, its not that hard.
Some links to sites that explain this:

You get the idea.

- Lars

Steve Lyons

Thanks Lars

The problem is that every time I re-publish (which will be often) I would have to manually change the code.

I have posted the same question on a MVP forum, so we will see if they come up with a solution.



That will be the drawback, yes.
You could insert the css code into a css file, and then after publishing all you need to do is add the reference to the css.

Still a Visio based solution would be preferred :)

O, yes, let us know when you do find a solution.

Visio Guy

Steve (L),

Not sure if you've seen this article: Customized Visio HTML Export

It does a hokey customized html export using some VBA code. In the output web document, a user gets a pop-up under the cursor that shows custom properties in the shape.

It solves the "re-publish often" problem as well, because it uses custom code to create the web-page in the first place.

In a similar way, you could use a utility to publish a web page that had customizations instead of relying on Visio's built-in features. Not sure if that would scare away your users, though :)

- Chris
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Steve Lyons

Thanks, Chris.  I have looked at the article, and it may do what I need.  I will give it a try and let you know.  May be a while though ............  ;D

Steve L

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