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Started by Brandy, July 26, 2010, 09:16:50 PM

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I created a "Template" for users; when the user downloads the template from SharePoint and create a diagram / drawing, the template remains as the original "VST" instead of the "VSD".

How can I change that?

It is set as "Read Only"

Any, any help is greatly appreciated.  




Hi Brandy,

what your users do is to open the template like they would a drawing. So when they save it, they save the opened document, which happens to be a .vst. They could choose "Save As" and save it (perhaps with another name) as drawing (.vsd).

What they don't do, but should do I think, is creating a new drawing from the template. So when they want to save it, they automatically come to "Save As" and have to give the document a name, and will as standard save it as .vsd.

What the have to do, is make Visio understand, that it should open the .vst really as a template to create a drawing. Therefore the template must either be saved in a path, were Visio searchs for templates or the best way would be to give Visio the path to original template, so it doesn't need to be downloaded.

You can add paths were Visio shall look for templates the following way (German Visio, perhaps someone can translate):

Extras->Optionen->Weiter Optionen->Dateipfade

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Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> File Paths

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The file extension .vst tells Visio to open a copy of the file by default. Is this somehow broken when starting from SharePoint?

You have to go out of your way to open a vst template as an original document.

Not sure what is going on here!
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HOWTO: Add document template to sharepoint document library (a step-by-step instruction).
Works for Visio as well ;)


Thanks everyone... sorry for the delay.

The template is located on SharePoint for user's access. 

It should revert to "Save As" if it is a Template; however, Visio retains the ".vst" even if you save it.  It because the new Template, which anyone can upload to SharePoint and override the original.

That's not good. 

Again, thank you so much.




Thank you, thank you, thank you.... That's too COOL....  ;D


Again, thank you :-*



Hi Brandy, not sure what the message means, I'm puzzled with it as well
In my defense I could say that I've tried that "step-by-step" procedure with my "local" SP installation - these steps with custom templates worked for me (for both SP 2007 and SP 2010)... Anyways, you can try to "googe it out" ;)



Thanks Nicklay, I will...

Again, thanks for all your help.