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OrgChart sorting - in Super Utilities 3.9

Started by Nikolay, September 28, 2023, 01:40:35 PM

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I hope this will be something useful.
Sorting org chart by property, under the "org chart" menu in Super Utilities, version 3.9 (pre-release).

Made a video, learned how to put picture-in-picture :)

The tool is using only "move-left" / "move-right" commands of the org-chart add-in itself to move the cards, so any card layout should be handled properly, as long as the add-in itself moves cards properly,
i.e. without breaking the connection, like it could have been in case of setting coordinates or modifying user cells (it is using "bubble" sort, but can't be helped I guess).


Great news!
Quote from: BPM in post at 03 Nov 2017
Of course, you still need to test (triple columns, etc., perhaps something else will "pop up" - in any program there is something to be improved and corrected), but the popularity of your macro is guaranteed, this process is already irreversible.
After 25 years of useless existence as the Master of Org Charts (as a toy), he became an industrial tool.
I'm interested in the opinion of users who build org charts in real life: is this a revolutionary update?


Would love to get some feed back. Works fine/does not work.
Forgot to mention, there is undo. So after you sort, you can undo the whole sorting in one undo click, so you can easily roll it back if something goes wrong.


I'm unfortunately not really in that orgChart stuff, but from having read so many times that the documents generated span over dozens or hundreds of pages, I can imagine that layout automation can be a huge help.
Sorry for the little.

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