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Shape windows opening up

Started by vidu, June 28, 2010, 05:39:40 AM

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Hi Guys,

I really frustrated with the one visio file. The problem is while I open up this file, before the file opens there are about 20 shape window which loads. And if the macro is enabled by clicking the options the .vsd file would open, also these shape windows open as well.

I see those shapes being added in the addons menu under tools, some addon names that I can see is (Business, Maps & Floor plans etc..) I am not sure if this is loading those shape windows.

If I close the visio file the shape windows will still be open, and I have to close it one by one.

This is very specific to one file only, if I create another visio file this would not happen.

Please help me solve this, million thanks.

Paul Herber

Try closing all those excess windows, then make some small inconsequential change to the file, then save it.
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