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I have put together a large org chart with nearly 300 employess for the VP and wondering if Visio has capabilities to calculate headcount that will populate in the top shape when a color has changed. It is becoming cumbersome to count each shape manually when updating headcount. IE, VP has 16 Directors, and the directors have managers and employees under them. There are 5 worksheet that list one director per sheet.  Each director has btw 7-8 managers and each manager may have between 30-90 employees on each worksheet.  An open position is designated by a yellow color, when I update that open position with a name, I change that color to match the department. I would then update the top shape on that worksheet and then update the VP's count  to reflect open positions and filled positions.  Any help is appreciated.

Hi Tammy,
if you would have had all your shapes on one page, you would have been able to run a report and finished!
But as the data are spread over several pages (hopefully not files), then you may better go with VBA.
You need one distinctive property to allow you to recognise the right shapes and either read out a data field or just count the shapes (depending on your implementation).

so basically something like
for each page in document
   for each shape in page(i)
      check for right shape
          increment counter

I do not know Visual Basic well enough to do what you recommend but its worth a shot.    I guess I could count the shapes since all of the shapes are the same but what program would I write a simple line that Visio could interpret and read?


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