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Understanding Visio's grid concept

Started by Yacine, June 06, 2010, 08:44:42 AM

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Hi guys,
I somehow can't get the phylosophy behind visio's grid concept.
What I am looking for is a fixed grid to which I can snap my shapes. I don't mind having grid lines disappapearing if the zoom is too small, but what annoys me, is the fact that the grid spacing is not proportional to grid spacings at other zoom levels. ie if I position my shapes at one zoom level, I cannot reposition them at another zoom level, nor can I position a new shape properly.
I tried already the minimum grid spacing and switching dynamic grid on and off.
Any advice?


Visio tries to maintain a certain visual spacing on the grids dependent upon zoom level.  So, as you zoom in, you get finer resolution.  That means, if you place shapes according to a tight zoom, then, when you zoom out, the shapes may appear to be off grid.  It's just a visual thing.  If Visio didn't do this, the grid clutter would be so intense it would be useless.

Set your minimum grid spacing to what you actually need.  If you only need 50mm, use that, not the 5mm.  That will tend to reduce some of the grid "dynamics" (not to be confused with dynamic grids) as a function of zooming.  Of course, as you zoom out, you will get to a point where some grids will be visually dropped.

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It works better with a coarser grid. Thank you.

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