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Changing the template of existing document

Started by raym0nde, May 19, 2010, 03:52:05 PM

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Is it possible to change the template of an existing document?
If so please advise how.



I don't understand the question but maybe this is an answer:

You can save every drawing as template, so you open a document based on an old template, make changes to it and than save it under a new (or the old template's) name as a template. Or you simply change the ending from .vsd to .vst


I googled a little bit and found this same question unanswered since 6 years back.
Best would probably be to move your drawing - either manually or by macro - in the right template.

@Jumpy: in Word you can change the template of an existing document. This feature is requested here.


Paul Herber

The concept of a template in Visio is really just a starting point. Depending on what aspect of the features of a template you wish to change, it might be worth looking at themes.
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If the file is a vsd file then you can instantly change it to a Visio template by changing the file name extension to .vst.

If the file is already a .vst, you should open Visio program first before opening the document in the File menu >> Open, then find the path of your file, Visio should open it in a .vst format where you can edit the template. Note: dont utilize the double click function of windows to open the .vst file because it'll open an instance of the template in a .vsd format.

hope that helps. ;)


I don't think that this will help.
Let's say you start your drawing with template A. After a while you realise that you would better have chosen template B.
Unless you write a piece of code to replace the settings of all your styles, patterns, layers, pages, ... you cannot replace the template.
You need to select the whole drawing (group it to overcome shape protections) create a new document from template B and insert your drawing there.
Ungroup and serve.

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