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Timeline shapes - what do they mean?

Started by Sammi Girl, May 04, 2010, 11:32:17 PM

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Sammi Girl

When creating a flowchart, the shapes have meanings -- a standard.  Are there standard meanings for the different timeline shapes as well?

Paul Herber

Do you mean the different types of timeline and milestone? I don't think they have any
meaning, just use whichever looks best to you.

You could use the milestone shapes, for things like:
milestones that have passed early (yeah, I know, don't bother with this one)
milestones that have passed on time
milestones that have passed late
milestones *you* need to meet
milestones the project needs to meet
milestones that the customer wants (but ain't gonna happen!  ;)

You can change the milestone type from the right-click menu.

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If there are any definitions they would probably be mentioned somewhere deep in the project management norms.

The germans would read

and refer to the DIN 69901

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