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Importing Stencil into Corel Draw


Is there ways to import a visio stencil in a different application such as corel draw?
Are there any documentation anywhere to do such thing?


Visio Guy:
Hi Bravia,

Are you talking about importing a whole library into Corel for use as a library? Does Corel draw! have a library format?

Or do you just need to import shapes in any way?

Visio shapes and drawings can be exported in these vector format:

* Windows Metafiles (.wmf)
* Enhanced Metafiles (.emf)
* Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg)
* Scalable Vector Graphics - Compressed (.svgz)
* AutoCad Drawing (.dwg)
* AutoCad Interchange (.dxf)
* PDF (.pdf)
* Tagged Image File Format (.tif)
* XPS document (.xps)
I think that the AutoCAD stuff does some interesting things with stencils and block libraries, but other than that, you'd have to export shapes one at a time and import them into Corel.

There are third party tools that deal with importing Corel into Visio, but I don't know about any that go the other way. Perhaps someone else can chime in?


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