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Copy & Pasting Org Chart Diagram Loses Format and Text


I recently started a new job - putting our org chart data into visio.  I copy the page (that is formatted with text) and paste to a new page to further edit - but it then loses the formatting and most of the text !  This is Visio 2007.  I've had to explain to my boss that I can't just copy and paste it over to edit - I have to copy/paste each shape when moving blocks of data from one page to another.  It just shouldn't be this way.  I tried to group the data as somebody suggested - but you can't group the org chart shapes (SOS).

I'm also moving diagrams from Word to Visio, by retyping it - isn't there a way to import the data from Word ?

Paul Herber:
Create a new blank Org chart diagram, then copy your org chart into that.


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