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How do I embed an Excel doc into Visio....please read description

Started by eatmoresalt, April 06, 2010, 07:57:29 PM

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What I am trying to do is place a given document (either Excel or Word for example) onto my Visio sheet under a given step in my process.

it is a process flow map and the step is to use a check sheet.  I want to place that under the step as an icon that can be double clicked and then opened.  It will not be linked back to any folder so a hyperlink won't work.  Everytime I try to do this, it just pastes the entire sheet with cells across the entire Visio sheet.

Any help would be great!!!!!  I need to have this done by the end of the week.

Thanks so much

Bryan  :)


Hi Bryan,

Does the sheet have to be interactive, or does it just have to show as things for the user to check?



Try inserting your Word doc.  Then copy it.  Delete it.  Go to paste special, chose Word doc, select icon, & OK.

Should appear as an icon, which will open as a Word doc if you double click.

Couldn't get it to paste (insert) initially as an icon.  Best work around that I found.

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Thanks for the replies!!!

What is the process for inserting?  90% of what I have to insert is in Excel form.  I have 9 different things to insert so they can get the needed form immediately by double clicking.  Really, I'm not concerned about what the icon looks like, but I do need it to open fully after a double click.

Thanks so much, i appreciate the help!!!!



For Excel, there are two methods.

1>  Open your Excel file.  Copy the region you want to paste.  In Visio, do a paste special, select Excel worksheet, and click the Display as icon, and hit OK.

2>  In Visio, go to Insert > Object > Excel worksheet.  Click Create from File.  Navigate to the desired file and select it.  Then click Display as icon > OK.  

Both should insert an icon your Visio page which can be double clicked to invoke Excel.

***  Correction to previous post:  Method 2 mentioned above does, indeed, work for a Word document.  That is, Insert > Object > Word document.  Click Create from file.  Navigate to the desired file and select it.  Then click Display as icon, then hit OK.

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