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I seem to have almost everything working in my shape now.  (Thank you!) 

But I do seem to have a problem that came about when I grouped everything together.  The shape that I was thinking of as my "main" shape, which has allmost all of the intelligence of the shape and contains the user data information that pops up to prompt the user when the shape is dropped into a drawing... well it turned out to NOT be the main shape.  It appears to be a sub shape of the main group. What is now the main shape was created when I grouped everything together.  I have tried ungrouping everything, to try and re-do; but I get to a point where I am not allowed to ungroup anymore.  (Because of intelligence built into the shape that refers to other shapes perhaps?)

TIA for any guidance!


Visio Guy:
Hi Michelle,

Just copy all of the cells and formulas and logic out of the not-main shape to the main shape, then go through the other sub-shapes and change the sheet references so that they point to the real main shape.

There's no section copy or anything super-automatic, but it's not really hard.

Wow, that was pretty easy!  Thank you so much! 

I have wondered since day one working with Visio why you can't do copy/paste like you would with other programs!  Oh well... I'm pretty happy right now.  Thanks again!

-I'm sure I'll be back, though... 8)


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