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How to create connection from excel data?

Started by cbegin, March 31, 2010, 08:09:29 AM

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I need to draw a network diagram.
There is a list of 100+ machines and a list of connections(links) between each two (some connect, some not) , which is all collected in Excel, and this information will change from time to time.
So I am wandering whether there is a method in visio for me to relief my work burden.

Thank u very much


Visio has nothing natively that will open an Excel workbook and draw a network diagram, so something would have to be written. The visio sdk has what you need to know about writing code for visio. This example

has vba code for reading/writing to excel from visio.


Thank you very much.

I modified the sample code, then it worked. It created more than 100 connections between 90 systems.
I used "Rnd()to scatter the bubbles (1 bubble stands for 1 system), but it looks a great mass (as following picture). Most of them overlapped.

I want to devide those bubbles(systems) in different category, then connect them. I hope this will make it easier to read.
How can I use container in visio 2010 to contain different systems (in vba)?  and container will expand as systems number increases

Thank you.



Thank you very much.
Can we write code in visio using container? (I'm new to this, only know press alt+F11 in visio to write some simple code.)
The project seems complex to me, soorry.


that project is actually part of a much larger project. The differences between doing it in and vba are pretty much conceptual. They both require the ability to read from a data source (which you've already done), the ability to drop shapes onto a page w/connections (also already done) and finally the ability to add a container and add the dropped shapes to it (which the example illustrates). Some of it of course makes sure we don't put the same object (application/networknode) on the page twice and do not delete an object by mistake. Short answer, yes you should be able to do it with vba and v2010.

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