Scale used in imported bitmaps and jpgs

Started by DC Kelley, March 29, 2010, 07:38:34 PM

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DC Kelley

What is the scaling / scale used (if any) when a bitmap or a JPG is is imported to a page?  I have need to merge some overhead photos with real physical street layout (a page with a precise drawing scale) and need to learn how to scale and register an imported photo to my drawing. 


I experimented a little bit with the scale of bitmaps, and it seems that the printing scale has no influence on the bitmap size. However the drawing scale has one. The same picture imported at different drawing scales has different sizes.
So basically, despite bitmaps - tested on JPGs - store both the size and the resolution (I checked it with the Gimp), Visio imports bitmaps with a size of SIZE/DRAWING SCALE.
Conclusion: do your imports on pages with a drawing scale of 1:1.
Hope you know where to set it. It's under file/page setup/ 3rd tab.