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Save As Expression Design file

Started by RonM440, February 10, 2010, 02:51:36 PM

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With all the integration of MS Office software, I would think that the Visio folks would have thought to allow us to save a Visio Drawing as a .design file so we could directly open the file with Expression Design. I don't see the feature in Visio 2010 beta yet, so the alternative is to use the Visio export to xaml add-in which can be found on codeplex. The xaml can be imported into Expression Blend, but I think it would be better to be able to open it directly in Expression Design.

It is kind of surprizing that save as xaml is not directly offered as a Visio feature yet either.  With all the MS push for Silverlight development, one would think that this would be an obvious feature to include...

Paul Herber

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Thanks for adding the link. I was going to edit my post after I found it...

For those wondering if the visio to xaml add-in works with Visio 2010, the answer seems to be yes it does.  I'm using the x64 version of Visio 2010 and it appears to be working fine so far. Exporting text has always been a bit of an issue, so one may want to leave out text in the Visio drawing, and add it later in Design or Blend.

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