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How to paint connections by value

Started by Tulga, March 12, 2010, 02:23:39 AM

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  Im doing rack diagram, so i need to paint all cables with different colors by their lengths. How to do that? now looking up that "color by value" command and it doesn't work? Pls help?


There are a variety of ways, here's a couple of ideas:
   1.)  Set up a catenated (sp?) set of if statements.  If you don't have too many colors, this would be pretty easy.  See attached example.
   2.)  Setup an indexed lookup table.

All lines in the example are identical, except for their length.  I setup a User-Defined Cell in the shapesheet which contains a single formula that has a set of cascaded IF's.  The results of the if statements push an RGB formula into the LineColor cell.

I haven't used or tried the color by value approach.

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That's an interesting solution. Great use of cascading IF's. However, I wonder if this solution will work for Tulga.

Are the cable lengths represented in Shape Data, Shape Text, or Geometry? Wapperdude's solution would work wonderfully if the lengths are determined by geometry. Most of my network drawings aren't geometrically sound, though... :-)

I would take another look at Data Graphics & Color by Value. Set the Data Field to "=Width" if the drawings are geometrically sound. If not, you could use the any other data field. You could do the same thing in the Shapesheet, but its less elegant.

Thanks to both of you for an interesting challenge.


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