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Fill pattern backround

Started by yadaaa, June 21, 2008, 11:58:28 AM

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Hello all,

I'm trying to make a new fill pattern for a wall (floorplan). I read the MS instruction, including the note about using BMP and losing background transparency. I'm not using BMP. I just used a simple circle, no fill. and I still can't see the wall color (grey) through and between the circles, like the pre-made fill patterns. it drives me nuts.

Please, advice  :-[

Visio Guy

Hi yadaa,

when you make your pattern, try this:

1. Draw the circle
2. Draw a square and put it behind the circle (Shape > Order > Send to Back or Ctrl + Shift + B)
3. Make the square Black
4. Set the outline of both shapes to No Line

The black rectangle will pick up the color of your wall shape. The circle's color will stay the same.

If you need something to stay black, make it a very, very dark shade of gray.  :)
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Thanks for the fast reply!

All I get now is black rectangles, although I did exactly asyou said. any chance you'll send me back the test file fixed?



I was playing with it, and this is the result I came up with


To clarify:
Fillcollor will be the fillcollor, the patterncollor will be the collor of your circles...

- Lars


Is there a way to not see the white line?

Here is really the shape I need. I tried circle because I thought I messed things up with this shape. it's almost perfect, Lars-Erik :)

Visio Guy

If you have Visio Professional, open the custom patterns stencil: File > Shapes > Visio Extras > Custom Patterns - Unscaled.

You won't see any shapes on the stencil, but when you go to the Fill dialog, you will see a bunch of named patterns at the bottom of the list.

"Honey" is the one you are looking for.

The white line "isn't really there". For me, it shows and disappears as I vary the zoom--it's a slight rendering bug, I think. I would see if it shows when you print before I worry too much about it.

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I have this problem with multiple shapes I'm working with, shapes that don't seem to be correctly rounded etc.
Zooming in and out will make the shape look slightly different as Chris said.

My experience is that they never really print wrong but just show up oddly on the screen from time to time


Thanks a lot for your help. Visio guy, I didn't know this trick with he visio extras, although it also doesn't work out-of-the-box (the BG is still white). In any case, it works! like Lars_Erik says, it prints just fine, with no white lines :)

Thank you

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