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Shape behaving wiered when used inside a tempate (sorry for repost)

Started by talmosco, March 05, 2010, 02:06:42 AM

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Hi experts,

I'm using Visio 2007 and developed a set of shapes that are UI building blocks for a custom
programming language (e.g. text-field, drop-down menu, etc).  They are used by our UI
designers for rapid prototyping, and work well when used inside a blank drawing.

However, if I use them inside a template that was developed by another team, the Shapes
L&F changes automatically for no reason as soon as I drag them into the template drawing.
Specifically, font type and size changes on the fly, and resize behaviour breaks.

Even more odd is the fact that I can drag a Shape from the Shapes Window into the template
and see the correct (original) font-type & size while dragging, but as soon as I release the shape
into the drawing, the L&F changes.  Any usual suspects? 

thanks in advance!

p.s: I originally thought there's a compatibility issue between the template and the stencils, but both were
developed in V2007.  Also, I'm only using Shape Sheet functions, no VB or any other coding backend support.
p.s.s: I would attach the files but they're above the size limit (~3MB, can email them on request).


could be there's a "ghost" from an old master on the DocumentStencil of the Template which has the same name as the shape you drop on the page.

If it concerns more than one shape it could (especially with Visio 2007) have something to do with themes or styles. So if you use a style or autoformat on your shapes with the name XYZ and a different defined style with the same name exists in the Template already, your shapes adapt the template style.

There may be other reasons for the shape's behaviour, but those two came to mind,


issue solved: they (template dev team) defined Styles that overwrote my Shapes' settings.... silly me :)

thanks anyways!

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