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Change fill based on user entered shape data

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You can attach a document with the shape in it to a post.
While posting click on "Additional Options..." right below the text window you type.
The rest should be clear enough.

- Lars

Thanks Lars. 

I have attached a file with my shape as it stands now.  This thing is far from finished.  The problem I'm having is with the square to the left with the lines in it.  I created that fill to indicate panels of a certain size. (The block will be moved to overlay the other shape at some point.) Depending on what the user chooses, I'd like to have the panels show either horizontal or vertical.  If I can do that by changing the fill from one to the other, great.  If I have to have two blocks on top of each other with the different fills and set it so one or the other shows, that's fine too.  I just need to show the visual of what the panels will look like because some of our end users have trouble with the terms "parallel" and "perpendicular"!  :o

btw, Since this is no where near complete, the shape doesn't function correctly unless you use the drawing explorer and open the "Class 1 MVS" master.  (I'm not sure what the "Flex MVS Vault" master even is.  That was there before I even brought in my shape, I think it was created by the previous Visio Administrator...)

Thanks again!

Visio Guy:
Hi Michelle,

How do you want to change the fill? There are a number of possibilities:

* User right-clicks the shape and chooses
* User (or code) sets a Custom Property/Shape Data field
* User enters a certain text string (fragile!)
* Other?
I've attached a drawing that shows an example of how to make the shape respond to text. Hopefully this will help.

- Chris

if the fill library is small...say less than 5 different fill patterns possible....could use actions or smart tags to select.
This would free up the text for something more descriptive.

Visio Guy:
I agree, vojo,

This seems like an option for the right-click menu (via Action rows) or through Shape Data fields.


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