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Change fill based on user entered shape data

Started by Michelle, June 18, 2008, 02:19:14 PM

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Visio Guy

Yup. Insert a User-defined section in the group's ShapeSheet.

User-defined cells are for parameters and calculations that users shouldn't see.

Shape Data fields are for parameters and data that users should see (and edit)

Sub-shape selection...Do this:

Format > Behavior > Select drop-down = Group Only I love this feature! Makes it so you don't have to GUARD and Lock everything so much.
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Thank you.  I should have known; I'm sure I have used the Select Group Only setting. 

I set it up for this shape, and it works perfectly in the Master, the only thing I can click on is my main shape.  But I saved it to the stencil then tried to use the shape.  It drops in with a sub shape highlighted and that's the only thing it will let me select.  I can't get to any of the "smart" aspects of the shape, because they are all set in the main shape...

I tried to go bakc into my master and ungroup it to try again, but it won't let me ungroup.  It says "Shape protection and/or layer properties prevent the execution of this command."



format==>behavior==>group only

Will look down all the subshape variables (and shapes).

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