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Rectangular Callout: smart and flexible!

Started by wapperdude, February 18, 2010, 08:43:42 PM

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Presented are three Rectangular Callout shapes.  Each features up to 3 identifier arrows.  Each arrow has two control points:  one for the elbow and one for the end point.  Each line may be "hidden" by dragging the end point to be inside the box.

The differences between the 3 shapes are where the identifier arrows "emerge" from the boxes.  The picture illustrates these differences -- the top shape follows the "elbow" and may emerge from any point on any side.  The middle shape restricts the emergence to the corners and the middle of the sides, hence, 8 points.  Finally, the bottom shape allows only the mid-points on each side.  Because of this flexibility, it is unnecessary to mirror or flip the shape.


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I've updated two of the three callouts.  The main feature is the addition of the right click menu options.  These include:
1.)  Selection of zero to three connectors.
2.)  Option to match the text color to the line color.

The two callouts modified are:  a.) side-variable or b.) side-centered.  The side variable allows the connector to emerge from any point along any of the 4 sides.  The side-centered callout only allows the connectors to emerge from the center point on any of the four sides.   The point of emergence is controlled by the "elblow" control point and is not influenced by the connector end point.

I have found these two versions to meet all of my needs, and the right click context menu eases their use.


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Toward the more universal callout...

Here's another update, now, the right click menu gives the choice of 0, 1, or 2 elbows.  No, it's not on a per connector basis.  I'm not that motivated!!!

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