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restricted sizes and positions

Started by Yacine, February 14, 2010, 08:52:01 PM

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One easy way to draw fast and accurately is to restrict the shapes sizes and positions.
Here's a simple rectangle that will always jump to the next multiple of it's size. The size itself is restricted to multiples of x and y values, that can be set in the custom properties.
Whilst very simple, this shape has a huge advantage over usual sharting shapes: the fast positioning, thus emphasizing the content over the formating.
There are endless applications to this shape. Here are some:

  • space allocations of manufacturing shops
  • gantt diagrams. (many don't use MS Project because too heavy or expensive)
  • programming flow sharts
The shape is not limited to rectangles. The behaviour can be copied to almost any shape.
Some limitations however:

  • to resize the shape, only the upper and the right handles can be moved. Otherwise it will resize uncontrolably.
  • to reposition the shape, you must push slightly above and right to the actual intended position.

Last point: I can't recall where I got my inspiration from. Don't even know if those formulas are mine. Found this old shape surfing my visio experiments and decided to share it. So if someone feels offended, because he/she reconised his/her shapes, please let me know.




Paul Herber

That's a really useful shape, the Gantt charts will probably provide the bulk of the needs of most users.

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