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Office 2007 shapes

Started by filoup, June 12, 2008, 02:45:03 PM

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I need some office 2007 icons shapes (Word, excel, outlook), does somebody know where I could find them?

Visio Guy

Hi filoup,

You can import images into Visio and use them as shapes. You could create shapes from these:

Which come from this article on Bill Morein's blog: New Office and Visio icons. Bill's blog has lots of cool Visio-related info, by the way.

Slightly better image resolution here:

If you're interested in turning the icons into a Visio 2007 Data Graphic Icon Set, then read this: Visio 2007: More on Customizing Data Graphic Items: Icon Sets

Or just automate the process by using these tools:
Icon Set Builder Applet
Visio 2007 Icon Set Builder Web Application

You could also make a multi-shape out of the icons. Ie: one shape with options for choosing between all of the icons. Like this:

Read: Visio Film Strip Shapes: Hurray for Hollywood! to learn how to do this.

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