Solid Geometry: a fillable cube

Started by wapperdude, January 28, 2010, 10:58:56 PM

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This is an "add-on" to Visio Guy's post, See New Perspectives with 3D Geometry Shapes.  Those are excellent shapes!!!  Unless I missed something, which is quite possible, the shapes are not fillable.  So, here's an adjustable cube that may be filled.  You have to double click to select the desired "face" in order to change it's fill pattern / coloring.



PS.:  Edit update.  I forgot to mention that there are three control points to alter the phyiscal characteristics of the cube.  It's proportions are not frozen.  The picture and file have been updated to more clearly illustrate the effects.
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Added a little more flexibility.  Now, the vertical sides do not have to remain perpendicular to the horizontal sides.  Well, picture explains most of it.  Yes, there are just 3 control points to move everything around.  This shape is actually kind of fun to play with. 

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