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Started by nortont, January 25, 2010, 05:00:11 AM

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I am attempting to create or locate a shape for a multiple core cable (or a bunch of cables in one group) to simplify wiring diagrams.

Imagine a rack of equipment where 1 device has 40 cables coming out of it. of this, the go in groups of 4 to other equipment in the rack.

I would like to have a dynamic connector that is similar to the multi-tree but where you can have a different colour of pattern for each cable. This would show the start and end point with out needing to show 40 cables running side by side.

See the attached as an example
Guru Tim


I have something. This is not exactly what you need, but try, may be you could take some ideas...

Edit: see next post for zhuravsky's download...

Visio Guy

Thanks zhuravsky!

I removed the empty VBA project from Cables.vss. The project contained no code, but still gave the "run macros?" warning, which might make IT managers nervous :)

This is essentially the same file, minus three blank lines. It won't bug you about macros.
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That is half way there.

How do you add the yellow diamonds (sorry I dont know the name) that you can drag around?
If I can make them that every time I drag one from the centre, it creates a new cable (much like the ethernet symbol does) I believe I could make it have a property to set the colour.
Guru Tim


open shapesheet.
Add section ==> controls

Places first diamond on sheet.
Use X,Y to locate it initially (creation and drop)
Cursor can move diamond around at will (X,Y updates in shape sheet).

If you want some behaivor to track the control point, reference them in the geometry sections or subshape sections.


Also you can manage the behavior of CONTROL in "X Benavior" and  "Y Benavior".

But I'm not quite sure how will it work for 40-cores shape. In my shape for 20 cores it is already slow. So, may somebody has another ideas?


note...if shape is a group fo 10-20 subshapes....dragging with updates will not cant visually drag the shape around and get connection points to bind.
Better off placing the shape and using connector lines to attach to other shapes.