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SQL View as Data source help!


Hi everyone! 
I'm new to the world of Visio and Org Charting and hope someone can steer me in the right direction!

I've created a view in a SQL database with all the info I need for my Org Chart.  No problem there.  Now when I come to setting up the connection ODBC connection my problem is that its not displaying views, only tables. 
Maybe the clue is in "Choose the database table that contains the data for your organization chart" but I was sure it should be possible to choose a view instead. 
Could it be a permissions issue in sql maybe or is there something obvious that I'm missing?

I'd be really grateful for any help, this is driving me nuts.


Unfortunately until you can get past your ODBC issues, there's nothing Visio can do with it. Since you're able to build the view, you might consider just creating a temporary table to link to.

So Sir Al,

Does that mean that when I use SQL as my DATABASE instead of an Excel File, I need to recreate a master table into another table to just filter the required columns that I need to display in VISIO? Is there a way for Visio External Data Link funtion to send a query to an SQL database to filter the data I need from a master Table?


The orgchart wizard does not care if your table has extra columns in it, it only looks for the basics in what has been handed as the datasource. The queries are static, it doesn't have a mechanism to parameterize them. Since the orgchart wizard (used to) have a command line interface, you can of course custom code something.


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