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AutoSave File Recovery

Started by samx3, January 14, 2010, 05:05:29 PM

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My Visio 2007 just crashed on me and I lost my file.  Unfortunately, I didn't do a normal "save" anytime over the last 3 days.  Even though I have Visio set up to "autosave" every 30 minutes, I can't find the file anywhere.  Does it exist and where do I find it?


Because it doesn't work.  I should know - I'm in the same boat.  Microsoft even states that it doesn't work in their Visio Help documents.  If it's any consolation, it's still supposed to work just fine in all their other Office apps.   :-\ 

Autorecover is designed to recover your file if the app shuts down unexpectedly, as in a power outage.  Normally when the program exits all temp files are deleted, but in an abnormal shutdown it "snags" that temp file and saves it, thus creating your recovered file. 

At the bottom of the help file in the comments section where it asks if it was helpful, I have asked them why they bother to include the option if they know it doesn't work.  I'm still left trying to figure out a solution for my local pc in the meantime, but at least I have the option of saving to a network that has doc recover options enabled...should we have a power outage at least that document will be saved!


For Visio 2010 at least, I followed the advice here which advises using the file > open dialog box and entering %temp%\*.vsd as the file mask.  This produced many autosave files!



JamieRI, that did it!!!!! After a gazillion years of using Visio, you revealed the secret door to greater Visio happiness!

::Bumping this thread::

Thank you!


Just a quick thanks for this thread which saved my a** today :)

...and has a whopping 23000 hits and counting :o
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for what its worth, that doesn't work on my system (neither does crash recover).
I guess I will continue work around for the save bugs on 2013 (save 3 times before closing).

Given all the other bugs on 2013 vs 2003, it really would be good if MS hired somebody with an AS degree for visio development


This doesn't work for me either. How's it possible that it works for some and not for others?
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Maybe I should add that in my case this was with my madly loved Visio 2003 version, and I can't say anything about other versions.
Visio 2003 for production
Visio 2019


I found that the auto save only works before the first time you close visio normally after crush.
In details, if you create a file without saving. it will create an autorecovery.ini file in the %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Visio.
Then when Visio crushed, you could find a record in the autorecovery.ini but sometimes you could not see the file in the folder. Even you set do not hide file, you may still not able to see it. However, you could open that file by copy the path into explorer.exe.
When you open the visio, the recovery file will auto load. But the next is critical, if you close the visio normally, which means you close visio by click the right top button, then the ini file and recovery file will lost. You could never find them back.

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