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"Unhiding" Shapes Window in Visio 2010?

Started by artbraune, January 06, 2010, 09:55:52 PM

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So if you right-click on the Shapes Window and select X Hide Window - how do you get it back in Visio 2010?

Figured someone would know here...



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You can also add a toolbar button to the ribbon or the Quick Access Toolbar.

You'll have to right-click on the ribbon, choose to show all commands, then pick "Shapes" from the list.
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Thanks everyone!!!!

Went with Chris's suggestion. Shapes on, Shapes off...

On another note - I did ask the Visio Team why they took away some of the "right-click" functionality - specifically:

On Format: Protection, Behavior, and Layer

And the "Shape" function.

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