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Shape Protection Doesn't Prevent Shape Modification

Started by denismq, October 16, 2009, 01:25:22 AM

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I apply shape protection by right clicking and selecting Format, Protection.
Selecting all should make these shapes unmodifiable.
If you hover over the shape with the mouse cursor the vertices of the shape appear in green.
These don't seem to be effected by the protection and allow you to modify and distort the shape.
Is there any way to prevent this.

I am using Visio 2003 on Windows XP


You will have to go into the shapesheet for the shape and in the Protection section you will see a LockVtxEdit property. If you set this to 1 then this will lock the vertices. For some reason this never made it to the protection menu!

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Thanks Andy,
I knew this had to be possible.
I've been searching Visio books for about a year to fix this.


Steffen Kuch


I can save a file with write protection. How can I delete this protection without saving the file with another name or another directory?


Steffen Kuch

Visio Guy

Hi Steffen,

I think you right-click on the file in Explorer and uncheck "Read-only".

I couldn't find a way from within Visio to make it read-write again...
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