AutoConnect Different Shapes where specific Shape Data Matches

Started by lester1, October 14, 2009, 01:10:05 PM

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I need to connect components to Servers. On a drawing i have multiple server shapes which has data properties such as Server name,IP Name etc. I've then added multiple component shapes to the drawing which also has data such as Host name, System name etc. I want visio to autoconnect components to Servers where host name of the component = server name of the server.

This will depict that component x is connected to Servers A and B so if server A goes down the component is still running on Server B.

How can this be done in Visio?

Thanking you in advance


in VBA Loop through your shapes, for each shape=server find the matching server, check that there is not already a connector linked between them, create a new connector and set it's end to glue to both servers.