Copying and Pasting (Inserted) Text Fields from Shapes

Started by JuneTheSecond, September 23, 2009, 12:11:03 PM

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Now, I've come to the "May be the last Solution" to correctly copy & paste the value of "PinX". :)  :)  :) (Image35.jpg)
You can copy & paste the right "PinX" value, from the shape to Notepad or any other text editor or Visio Page.
It is done with shapesheet formulas, but with no VBA macro.
The formulas in the EventDrop cell rewrite the formulas in the User.PinX.Cell and Fields.Value cell after completely clearing the cells, when you drop the shape on to the drawing.

Attached sample drawing include the shape for "PinY" and "EndX", "EndY"
Best Regards,

Junichi Yoda