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LineStone: smart timeline milestone

Started by wapperdude, September 29, 2009, 01:52:47 AM

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After reading a recent MSN Visio post regarding the line milestone shape, I couldn't resist adding my own twist.  Paul Herber had previously created milestones that don't show the date, see  While not as energetic as Paul, he did both US and Metric, I modified just the shape such that:  1.)  the right click context menu allows you to hide or show the date, and 2.)  provides a control handle to move the date to a new position.

The key to the changes are
1.)  Top level shapesheet
      a.)  add a control point to move the date text box
      b.)  add a User Defined entry for hiding / showing the date
      c.)  add an Action row to create a Menu item.

2.)  Date text box shapesheet
     a.)  add reference to control point for PinX and PinY
     b.)  add reference in Misc section to show/hide text.

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Paul Herber

We shall soon be able to create a timeline of changes done to the timeline shapes!  ;D

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Just as long that it doesn't extend back before 1900.   :o
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