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Paste In-place & Clone

Started by Visio Guy, February 13, 2009, 11:34:09 PM

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Visio Guy

Feedback from Twitter. This would be a nice option - perhaps an advanced option - to paste shapes exactly at the place from where they were copied. Ie: preserve pinx/y.

On a related note, a clone option would come in handy for Visio users that actually create shapes or draw. Clone is just duplicated without an offset.
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Particularly handy if you're zoomed in a great deal.  At least, I've not discovered how to control the offset distance when doing a duplicate...Where did that duplicate go?   ???
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Making an array with 2 columns and 0 rows ( or vice versa) and 0 spacing between  the centers will do this.
Many clicks for such a simple function - a shortcut would be needed.

Dragging the shape to duplicate while holding the ctrl-key and moving it back to it's place is easier.

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