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Started by intltaxman, August 12, 2009, 01:23:34 PM

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OK, this is going to be a list of various functions that Org Charters (at least me) need. Given that Visio is already beta there may be limited opportunities to add some of these functions, or some of them may have already been added.

1. "Hand" feature, ala Adobe, to grab and move a diagram. Best on a very large document. Pan and zoom is OK, but sometimes I just want a bit more control on how I move in the document (right click cursor choice??).
2. Zoom slider (lower RH corner like other Office 2007 products). Most likely this is already in the beta.
3. Rt Clk zoom in / zoom out.
4. BIG ONE - ability to identify any shape (e.g., shapes in a user defined stencil) in diagram as a "superior" shape (executive or manager level) in order to apply layout functions. I.e., same functionality as the current Org Chart function, but ability for user to define the function for different shapes (circles, triangles, computers, countries, etc.).
5. Ability to lock subgroup layouts so user or viewer can relayout certain parts of a diagram, but not all of it.
6. Ability for user to define layouts based on selected groups.

No doubt I'll think of others...but this is a start.

IntlTaxMan (ITM)

Visio Guy

A few responses to the navigation items:

1. Hand: hold Ctrl + Shift, then pan by holding the right mouse button down and dragging. This has been in Visio since version 1.0, but nobody knows about it :)  See also: Work Faster With Our Top Visio Keyboard Shortcuts

2. Zoom slider is there in Visio 2010. But again, the keyboard + mouse shortcuts will help you now.
   - Zoom in 2X: Ctrl+Shift, Left mouse click
   - Zoom in: Ctrl+Shift, Left mouse drag rectangle
   - Zoom out 2X: Ctrl+Shift, Right mouse click

  If you've got a roller mouse, then you can also try:

  - Pan vertically: Roll
  - Pan horizontally: Shift + Roll
  - Zoom in/out: Ctrl + Roll Up/Down

3. Right click zoom in/out - already taken care of by the first items.

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Thank for the keyboard nav tips. I've already begun "training" myself to use them.



I guess this is too late now, with 2010 due out, however:

-better org chart wizard with predictable layout
-the option to incude photos in the wizard (or links/filenames at least)
-live updating when the original data source is updated
-different layouts, e.g. radial layouts

maybe next time?


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