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I'm in the tax profession, specifically international tax (condolences accepted) and we regularly work with legal entity (LE) organization charts (corporations, partnerships, branches) to manage tax compliance and planning. Working with larger multinational companies, the number of LE's can be overwhelming to organize and put on an 8 1/2 x 11 (approx A4) or 8 1/2 x 14. So either someone accesses a continual feed printer (rare), or splits the LE's into smaller pieces, e.g., regions, and prints to their default printer or to an 11 x 17 printer.

The type of LE (corporation, partnership, branch, or hybrid / reverse hybrid) determines the shape used (rectangle, triangle, circle / ellipse, and combinations of these three). Using Visio Pro the user can attach different types of data to each of the LE's. There are two distinct types of data - (1) LE info - e.g., name, country of incorporation, LE identification number, global region (APAC, LATAM, EMEA, NAM), and (2) financial information - e.g., current year and cumulative income, taxes paid.

I've created the various shapes in a new stencil (much easier for me to create from scratch than modify the Org Chart stencil). I've created the org chart and input the name into each shape. I then attached data to each of the shapes automatically or manually depending on how good I was in getting the name correct. The LE shape contains the name, and text callouts below the name within the shape contain LE info other than the name. I've included text callouts (different format) below the shape to contain the financial info. In order to make sure that the diagram doesn't get too cluttered, I'm limiting the financial text callouts to two items.

I've started creating multiple data graphics whose financial text callouts are linked to different financial data fields, and may include Icon callouts (e.g., income > 10M USD) or shape color based on country / region / other. So depending on what I want to see, I'd like to select all shapes on all pages of a multi-page org chart and apply a certain data graphic.

So, all that background to get to my question which hopefully is easier to answer than reading through the background above - how do you apply data graphics to all pages / all shapes. I tried what I consider to be the "normal" approaches - (a) CTRL A, (b) the data graphic sheet (rt clk, "Select Shapes that use this graphic"), and (c) Excel-like multiple selection of tabs, but nothing seems to be working. Seems like there should be a global select all, but maybe I have to go tab by tab?

Any thoughts?



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