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Started by dclick, August 04, 2009, 07:40:11 PM

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Ok, I have done a little searching, but have not found what I think is the answer.

I  have a diagram that has generic objects (just a box) that I am linking to a table in a SQL database.  The idea is that some info is to be displayed in the box (ie - asset # and device name). when we double click on that object, however, i would like to either A) - launch a web browser to a inventory system, and pre-populate the adress bar - similar to http://inventory/results.asp?ip=Prop.IPAddress or something, or B) pop up the dialog box that shows the inventory record from the table I used to link the object.

does this make sense?   Is it doable? (and yes, im pretty much a noob at visio for things other than the genric/basic layouts.

Thanks in advance!


Check out the 'surrogate shape' demo code in the network section. It has examples on double click, add data to shape, apply datagraphic. The coding for database is pretty much up to you. For basics you might check out the visio sdk on msdn and the visio data demo's on microsoft office.

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