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Popcorn Anyone?


This was kind of a spur of the moment, post Ferris wheel type thing.  It certainly wasn't done with much planning or forethought, so, it is quite inefficient in the way the shapesheets are setup.  Also, some of the references are hard coded to the page locations, thus, even re-sizing the page wasn't thought out.  Hmmm...anti-scale...

Nonetheless, it was fun  doing the animations.  Ran out of butter, so only some of the pieces are coated!   :D

Best seen if zoomed in at about 200X.



Edit note:  re-posted Visio file, 1st posting was incorrect version.  7/11/09

and a short video to go with the great popcorn


Visio Guy:
Good fun, and thanks for the movie to go with the munchies!

I'm surprised at how short the code is to get the popcorn to pop!


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