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How to set default line ends for connector tool

Started by Mosey, July 09, 2009, 07:41:41 PM

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Whenever I use the Connector Tool, it puts and arrow on the line end. I can change it to "none" afterwards. How do I set the default to "none"? If I change to the Pointer Tool, the "Line Ends" selector at the right side of the "Formatting" toolbar is active and I can change it to "none", but when I got back to the Connector Tool and draw a line, it still puts an arrow on the end. When I select the Connector Tool, the "Line Ends" selector at the right side of the "Formatting" toolbar is grayed out.

Visio Guy

You can set this per-document, but there's no global setting.

The easiest way is to edit the "Connector" style, which you can do under Format > Define Styles.

You might have to be in Developer Mode to see this menu item, though.

Reference: Top 9 Reasons for Turning-on Developer Mode
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Thanks. I turned on Developer Mode and went to Format > Define Styles and made sure the line ends are both set to "None". But, it still puts arrows on the line end when I use the Connector Tool.


Did you try this in a new document, or in an existing one where you had already placed a connector? 

If it's the latter case, then, the document stencil already has what it thinks is the "default" connector.  You can edit this entry, remove the line ends, and save.  Now, for this document, it will default to no line ends.
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Visio Guy

If you edit the "Connector" style in a document, then your connectors should take whatever change you made to the style.

Unless: you've individually formatted connectors on the page.
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It looks like the Format > Define Styles only applies to lines, and Visio treats connectors separately, so it seems.   :(
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Visio Guy

No, that's not correct.

We are talking about arrowheads which belong to line styles, along with line weight, line color, line transparency and line patter.

Connectors are special beasts for many reasons, but they still have the "Connector" line style applied to them, which governs how their line will be styled.
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Well, I agree that it shouldn't be correct, but, that's how it seemed to work.  Here are my steps, perhaps there is some error:

1.) Open a new Visio drawing, using Basic Flow Chart.
2.) Go to menu bar > Format > Define Styles
3.) Enter a new name for my custom style
4.) Use the scroll down menu for Based on, and select connector.
5.) Click the line button, and in the pop-up menu set Begin and End line ends to none.
6.) OK, OK
7.) Drag a PROCESS shape to the drawing page
8.) Select a DECISION shape on the stencil
9.) Use the auto place/connect feature by clicking the lower blue arrow head on the PROCESS shape.  Decision shape comes over, a connector is added between them, and the connector has an arrow head.    :o   ???

A>  Did I miss a step?
B>  Invoke a special case?
C>  Miss the point?

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Visio Guy

You go to Define Styles, then select the "Connector" style, then proceed to change attributes for the "Connector" style. When you are done, you click the "Change" button. I thought we were talking about changing how connectors look in a document. If so, then editing the "Connector" style is the way to go.

It's not really a user-friendly feature, but styles never have been end-user features. They are really more for power users, or for apps like Adobe Illustrator where "end-users" are designers who are looking for stuff like this. In Visio, it ends up being confusing for lots of people, I think.
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Thanks Visio Guy!  Hope others learned as much as I did.  The difference is kind of subtle with slight changes to the procedure I gave above.

a.)  Instead of typing a new name in step 3, use the scroll down menu to select "connectors".
b.)  Skip step 4
c.)  Do step 5
d.)  Hit OK
e.)  Then hit the "change" button
f.)  Then final OK.

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Hi guys, please help someone who loves Visio but I am at the point now where I have to maybe look at different software and learn it all from the start  >:(

wapperdude and Vsio Guy, I am trying to get my connectors to show arrow heads on some connections and double arrow heads in other connections. I have tried what was mentioned here but my Visio (2019) will not change any style of my connectors. I use it for Electrical and comms drawings so this would be essential for me. So far I have been drawing connections with various lines and connecting them...this is taking to long and I am not productive this way anymore as my drawings gets bigger. Is there any help you guys can provide or is this just how VISIO runs with connectors?

Oh I have tried this on existing drawings and new drawings, connectors will not chnage to arrow heads. I can change the weight, dashes and color though?

Please help, if possible?



To create a custom "default" connector, this is the suggested method from Visio help...

Create a custom connector
Save time by creating your own custom or default connectors, and then use them whenever you want. Simply customize a connector line, line end, or jump style, and then save your custom connector to your Favorites stencil. Now you can use this custom connector as a new default connector.
    1. Customize a connector the way you want to save it. Add a connector between shapes, edit the connector lines and arrows, and set the line jump style. For more information, see Add and edit   
        connector text, Edit connector points, lines, or arrows, and Add or remove connector line jumps.
    2. In the Shapes pane, click More Shapes, point to My Shapes, and then click Favorites.
    3. Right-click the Favorites title bar, and then click Edit Stencil.
    4. Drag your custom connector to the Favorites stencil.
    5. In your Favorites stencil, right-click your custom connector, click Rename Master, and then type a name for your custom connector.
    6. Right-click the Favorites title bar, and then click Save.

Now, when you want to use that connector, on the Home tab, in the Tools group, click the Connector tool. Then, open the Favorites stencil and select the connector. While your custom connector shape is selected, every connector that you draw with the Connector tool will have the same formatting as your custom connector.
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