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Ferris Wheel: demonstrating shape dependency

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The ferris wheel exhibits the use of one shape to control the behavior of multiple other shapes, even when grouped.  All of this is done thru the shapesheets.

Select the crank and then rotate the crank shape using the rotation control point.  The ferris wheel colored segments will change as the wheel rotates, based upon the angular rotation of the crank.  At the same time, all of the chairs maintain their default orientation.  The chairs were placed using the macro presented in User Submitted Stuff > Circle up the Wagons,  The chair numbers were created using the June the 2nd's Visio WordArt development,, and manually added to the chairs after placement.  The angular rotation display uses Insert > Field, custom formula.

Also employed are various protection and behavior options to "secure" the shapes.


Edit Update:  see new post below for updated Ferris Wheel with "fireworks".

Visio Guy:

This is really cool, thanks for the submission (and all the work!)

My wife is from Wien (Vienna), home of the Wiener Riesen Rad (big Vienna Ferris wheel), and will like this:

Note that each "bucket" is a gondola that holds 8-10 people or so :)

Updated to include "fireworks"...

Couldn't resist, now it's animated.  Just push the start button.  It will automatically stop after 5 revolutions, or hit the stop button.  Plus, you can still turn the crank by hand -- for those who need exercise.


Somethings just take on their own life.  So, the fireworks are interestingly improved.  There is an advancing nighttime effect on the background.  Make sure you let the cycle run it's full course.



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