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How can I import this XML shape file please?

Started by Brit-in-Switzerlanmd, June 10, 2024, 08:18:01 PM

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Hi all, moderately experienced Visio user here, but I need help please!

I'm designing the electrical system for our camper conversion. I've decided I want to use "Victron" components. Victron do not offer any Visio shape libraries - no idea why not!

I found a xml file contributed by a user and have tried everything to import this and get a shape library. No success!

The file seems to be either compiled or encrypted, or I'm simply doing something wrong! It's too big to upload here and xml files are not allowed, but here are the first few and last few lines.

Can anyone guide me step by step please? What should the extension of the XML file to be imported be please?

First few characters of the file that I found...

Several thousand similar lines later:


How many parts (shapes) do you need?  Have you considered creating your own? 

If you want photorealistic shape or have an image you'd like use, see this technique by VisioGuy:  Neat Tidy shapes
Visio 2019 Pro


You could use a cloud service for sharing bigger files (Google drive, ...)


Quote from: Brit-in-Switzerlanmd on June 10, 2024, 08:18:01 PMFirst few characters of the file that I found...
It looks like as objects, not Visio native!
Quote from: docs article [url=" format for custom shape libraries[/url]"]A custom library file is an XML file, which must have an enclosing <mxlibrary> node containing a JSON array and follow a specific format.
It is zipped base64 xml.

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