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Connectors crossing over

Started by toko9811, May 06, 2024, 02:26:47 PM

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Dear friends,

I'm starting to draw wire harnesses in VISIO, but cant get the hang of the use of connectors.
Here is my problem:

For example: A harness with 3 ends.

The harness starts from the big block on top.
Running from the middle section down, it runs to 3 loose ends.
You cannot view this attachment.

How can i make these 3 ends make look ''stowed'' in the middle section.

As you can see the 3 ends do cross each other. Is it possible to give each end its own layer so they run over each other, instead of through each other.


The choice of line style contributes to the visual perception issue...that is, unfilled center.  Usually, a single solid version is less confusing to view.

By stowed, you mean vertically stacked, overlayed?  Some steps...
1) have all the ends terminate on same connection point
2) control the z-order of the shapes.  For example, the longest might be "sent to back", the shortest to the top / front.  This can be controlled by the order that they're drawn, and then, subsequently, by selecting each one.

Yes.  Each connector may be added to a group to control its visibility.  Usually, layers define functionality / relationship as a means to hide/highlight related sets of objects.  See this video by Visio Guy,
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