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Multi line shape

Started by Erik A, April 23, 2024, 04:23:40 AM

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Erik A

I have a plan with multiple pathway lines on it and want to add further pathways but i cant extend the line to the new point. i should be able to add the line so it goes from A to B then do something to extend the line to Pont C while retaining A to B. then from point C to point D while retaining A to B t C. when i click on the end point all it wants to do is move the end point and i want to extend the end point to the new point while retaining the previous..


Visio has no such function out of the box.

But if the feature is important enough for you, you may think of working such a solution out. Visio is quite powerful when it comes to custom solutions.

The first question would probably be, is it just for lazy input or is there more behind this chained line?


Draw A => B then C => B then select both segments and use Join button. Visio way  :-\


...and another option, Draw line a --> c, then use pencil tool to grab (add) a mid- inflection point to the line, and drag to point b. 
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Erik A

thanks everyone. i managed to work it out. Wapperdude jogged my memory on how to do it. draw A to B. use pencil tool and hover over end point and it will pop up with extend. or click on the end point and it will change to move endpoint.


Doh!  Yeah. Pretty sure all of us forgot.   ;D
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