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Create Assemblies Based on Existing Stencils

Started by gruenefeder, June 06, 2009, 04:20:27 PM

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is it possible to create patterns based on existing Stencils and save them like Stencils. For example, I create a process pattern with EPC in Visio with a XOR-Symbol, 3 Events and 3 Functions and I use the Flow-Symbol to connect all Symbols in a specific way. Is it possible to save this structure as for a example an Stencil and use it as a pattern in other EPC process diagrams. All elements of the pattern have to be modifyable in different diagrams.

I'm thankful for any information!



Sure.  You can do it a couple of ways.  After you've drawn your block or sub-group of shapes, click on the Shapes icon and select New Stencil ( File > Shapes > New Stencil ). 

1.)  Select all of the shape desired
2.)  Drag to the New Stencil.  You can then dbl click on the name and give it something meaningful.


3.)  Select all shapes, group them (menu bar > Shape > Grouping > Group.  Then do step 2.)  Group removes some flexibility, but provides more protection to the overall structure.

Save your stencil.   

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Oh wow! Thanks a lot. That's really straightforward :-)

Visio Guy

You should always group shapes before you drag them over to the stencil to create masters.

Visio will group the shapes when you drop a master back on the page anyway, and this will cause a performance hit if you are dropping many "ungrouped masters", especially via automation.

Also, it is good to note: If you create masters out of masters, you won't have the inheritance from the first master. So if you make an office out of desk and chair masters, the office won't inherit changes to the desks and chairs.

I created a video and prototype about a "master dropper script" concept in a previous post. This might be interesting for you:

Poll: Dropping Predefined Shape Assemblies
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