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Set data in multiple selections

Started by TwoBeAss, March 15, 2024, 07:27:35 AM

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I created a master shape where some fields are able to be set at once in a multiple selection (see attached file e.g. Labels) but some of them couldnt be set in a multiple selection (Amounts or Source fields)

Could somebody explain me why ? Is it because of the formula to hide the data cells?

Thanks for your help,


Quote from: TwoBeAss on March 15, 2024, 07:27:35 AMbut some of them couldnt be set in a multiple selection (Amounts or Source fields)

Please look at this picture! In these cells used GUARD function, which protect cell's value!


These are just the Headlines.. I am talking about the A1-10, S1-10,L1-10 and so on...


No problem here. I could modify the As and Ss.


Maybe to clarify:

- Select both shapes
- See Shape Data Window
- Value for Type1 could be set (marked green on screenshot)
- Value under Amounts could be edited, but doesn't change the shape data (marked red on screenshot)

Thomas Winkel

Visio seems to have a problem with your dynamic Label.
Prop.S1.Label = "Source "&Prop.T2 -> Not working
Prop.S1.Label = "Source "&"1" -> Not working
Prop.S1.Label = "Source 1" -> Working


yeah that seems to be the case.. Then i think there is no solution for me on that case (exept for Labeling the fields static) :(

Thomas Winkel

You could obtain dynamic labels using SETF / GetRef without formulas in the label cell:
User.Test = SETF(GetRef(Prop.S1.Label),"""LabelName""")
or, in your case:
User.Test = SETF(GetRef(Prop.S1.Label),"""Source "&Prop.T2&"""")


Quote from: Thomas Winkel on March 15, 2024, 12:25:28 PM
Visio seems to have a problem with your dynamic Label.

Usually i use trick, add new row in User-defined cell and use formula like:
IF(Prop.T1.Invisible,SETF(GetRef(Prop.A1),"Source "&Prop.T1),SETF(GetRef(Prop.A1),""))
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