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How to resolve issue in export to word generating a truncated output?

Started by rsrikanth83, March 07, 2024, 06:39:21 PM

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How to resolve issue in export to word generating a truncated output?

1. Created visio through a data visualizer excel. The visio includes shape date and data graphics

2. Exporting Visio to a word document, by altering "Preview" and "Settings"

3. Performing all possible exclusions (to keep word output size low).

4. But still in the exported word document, all the shapes in the process flow are not covered. For e.g if there 9 steps in the process flow, the word document truncates and shows only 2-3 shape related info the word document.

Kindly suggest what I need to do to get the full output in the word document. I am ready to compromise on shape data, to get full word output.

Thank you,

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