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How can I arrange remote site info on a national network diagram?

Started by surferdude949, January 12, 2010, 10:59:40 PM

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I'm creating a national network diagram with over 19 remote sites.  The background is a map of the US with a router at each cities all connected to a centralized server.

I'm having difficulty placing information for each site i.e. site location, IP address, version# ect. on this map.

I tried using boxes with text in it but as I add each site the map gets crowded with boxes (some overlapping).

I was thinking of using a legend at the bottom of the drawing and insert a table with each site info.

Any suggestions welcomed. :)

Visio Guy

Perhaps use callout shapes (like word balloons, boxes with lines)? Then, in crowded areas, you can have the information out in the ocean, but the line points to the city.

Go to File > Shapes > Visio Extras > Callouts to open the stencil that contains a variety of these types of shapes.
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you might consider

Separate pages for each site and then put off-page links or hyperlinks to the detail pages (a lot of static information) from your primary drawing

A custom data source for your drawing (datalinking), and then create custom datalegends that can be added appropriately (easily customized for users with different needs)



Thx guys.  I'm thinking about inserting an Excel table at the bottom of the drawing.

Idealy, I'd like to be able to see

a) in Visio - only selected info by hovering the site or selecting a layer (each layers showing only on type of info).
b) all of the information when I print or ability to print different pages with selected info

I wonder if this is even possible  ???


if you do the info showing by turning layers on off, you just have to check the visible checkbox on/off for those layers you want to see/don't want to see

the solution to printing everything even if it isn't shown is simply put check the print checkbox for all the layers. even when not visible on screen they should be printed

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