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Stencil shape changes size on drop

Started by PeteMcF, December 21, 2023, 08:53:47 PM

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Firstly, I'm probably more than a beginner but nowhere near a guru.
I'm building my own stencil by modifying an existing stencil (I want to add more data fields and associated graphics in the stencil shape to collect when dropping onto the diagram).
The stencil I am basing it off is quite complex.
The problem I'm having -  a stencil shape resizes on drop becoming much higher (I want these shapes to be consistent sizes, as they are in the original).
When I use the handles to manually resize, it loses the plot completely, flickering and growing exponentially like something from Jack and the Beanstalk! Using the opposite handle seems to work somewhat.

What I've tried...
1. Adding protection for the stencil shape - didn't work, it just meant I had to remove protection once dropped on the page!
2. Changing the size of the shape in shapesheet once on the diagram (when trying to create a new stencil shape. Some of the time it is immediately overwritten, other times it works.
3. Manually resizing (eventually, after fighting the beanstalk) and saving back to the stencil as a master shape.

Any ideas? What can I post for others to help?


You can post your diagram/stencil, of course.

What comes to mind (shooting in the dark, basically):
- the scale of the page is not the one the shape was designed for
- you have "match master on drop" flag set for the master
- the shapes were designed to work with some third-party add-on that provides the desired behavior


Hi all,
Here is the stencil that does the weird resizing thing


definitely something weird going on.  That much Ican confirm.  Haven't had chance to look at this too much.  But, what little I saw didn't expose any height calc issues to match with the manual resizing.  The Level 3 shape is pretty complex.  Perhaps issue is with one of it's subshapes???

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Did a bit more digging.  NOTE:  I have no prior experience with or knowledge of the Level 3 shape.  The following is merely an observation and not a recommendation.

In the Level 3 shapesheet, in the User section, this entry defaults to TRUE:  User.msvLayoutIncludeSubshapes  It contains the following formula:  OR(TRUE,DEPENDSON(FALSE))I could not determine what how its value is set, nor what the setting affects.  But if you manually overwrite the formula with FALSE, the anomalous sizing behavior stops.

Change at your own risk.
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Thanks, that worked a treat!
I would never have worked that out!

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