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Network Connectivity: Highlighting and Reporting

Started by wapperdude, December 14, 2023, 01:59:23 AM

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There are a variety of posts on the Forum dealing with shape connectivity and resulting connectivity networks.  A recent post raised the question about highlighting a network starting at some selected shape and focusing on only subsequent additions.  Seemed like an interesting variation to some prior work.  However, I decided on a new approach that was strictly recursive.  The goals were to look at an entire network, or just subsequent additions.  On a large page with multiple, unrelated networks, the ability to single out and highlight seemed like valuable features.  Once such identification is completed, then, the results are presented visually (duh), and captured via ListBox or Excel.  The criteria chosen for subsequentialization is shape ID.  The attached picture presents results of a subsequential examination.

The code is VBA.  Because there are multiple subs called, I chose to declare the variables globally.  That way their values readily pass from one sub to another.  I'm open to alternative approaches. 

It is best to start with black lines, as line color plays an important role in the operation of the code.  There are a lot of comments within the subs.  The Excel file actually grabs the List Box results as it's already nicely formatted.

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